Trees for Elephants

Challenge goal: Planting and nursing of 5,000 trees
Since 2008 Bring the Elephant Home has planted over 700.000 trees for elephants at different locations in Thailand,
 Cambodia and Borneo. We plant the trees in areas where elephants are most in need of more food, biodiversity and more suitable habitat. Our goal is to replant the natural habitation and to secure food sources for the elephants, to strengthen their fight for survival. For this, we really need your help! Will you please help us to plant more trees for elephants?

Annually, BTEH plants and maintains thousands of trees to expand forest corridors, increase biodiversity and restore elephant migration routes. Near our planting sites, we will identify framework tree species (FORRU – CMU) used for the reforestation projects. By attracting wildlife, planting framework species, fire protection and adding water sources, BTEH increases the biodiversity of the forest and increases the chance of survival of wild elephants. Our forest restoration projects are focusing on creating a more suitable habitat for elephants.

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We need your help now to realize this project so that people and elephants can live together and so that biodiversity can thrive once again. Please support Trees for Elephants with a donation!

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By applying different forest restoration methods BTEH will create a mosaic of grasslands and lush forest that accommodates the needs of elephants so they don’t need to roam to villages and plantations. Besides tree planting, BTEH will test and develop low input forest management to enhance natural processes, such as silviculture, seed balls, removing bamboo to create grass fields, water catchment and –storage (by check dams, reservoirs and swales). Before the dry season, BTEH supports the rangers in cutting fire brakes and implementing a fire protection team near the planting sites.

Besides our Thai partner organizations, thousands of Thai and international volunteers are helping to plant and take care of the trees. The trees are planted in several locations important for the protection of wild elephants: At the Salakpra Wildlife Sanctuary, Khao Yai National Park and Borneo we focus on the conservation of wild elephants.
At the Elephant Nature Park and the Elephant Sanctuary Cambodia, we helped to improve the living space of the elephants at the sanctuary.

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Donations will be used for:

  • Construction of tree nurseries at several locations in Thailand
  • Educational trips for schools
  • Tree planting events
  • Buying young trees, seeding material, nutrients, seeds
  • Educating villagers and rangers concerning our reforestation methods
  • Educating volunteers and students
  • Teaching packages and flyers

We are always cooperating closely with local organizations and communities