Elephants are disappearing!

Elephants are struggling for their survival in many parts of the world. As a direct result of our actions, there is a chance that we could soon lose a species that is an extremely important part of the ecosystem. The only way that we can save these magnificent keystone species is if we act now!

Bring the Elephant Home aims for an ideal world where elephants can roam in the habitat that they deserve. A habitat where ecosystems are balanced, where elephants and people can live in harmony, and where tourism fully respects the wild character of these majestic creatures. If no one pursues this ideal, nothing will ever change and it will be too late for this intelligent and crucial species!

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View our video below in which an overview of our work:

We solely rely on donations. Without your support, we won’t be able to protect elephants. Please contribute to our goals with an online donation. Thank you so much!


This is what we do!

Conservation Action

We make change happen (along with as many volunteers and staff members as people possible to help us!). By planting thousands of trees, building water reservoirs, testing new methods to protect elephants.


People who suffer from human-elephant conflicts coordinate conservation projects themselves. BTEH connects people, organizes training and provides the needed support to start community-based conservation project.


We use research to understand the cause of problems, to find out the perception of people, to measure and improve projects. We test innovative technologies to be able to do more. And we translate research into plans and action!


We see elephants as part of an ecosystem, with many connections. We seek sustainable solutions that touches all aspects of a problem. The Bee the Change project is a perfect example of this.


We collaborate with many different parties, from local farmers, to officials of national parks. We reach out, bring people together and ensure that people are heard. So we can work on solutions together as a community.

Years of fieldwork showed that this works. We have big plans for the future. Get involved, support personally or through your company, and make a difference for the future of Asian and African elephants!

Bring the Elephant Home!

We are looking for volunteers to join our team in the Netherlands!

Are you living in the Netherlands and passionate about elephant conservation? Join our teamNL and make a difference! Read more…

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