HECTOR (Human-Elephant Conflict Tool for Ongoing Research) is an easy to use mobile application to assist with informed decision making and to make allowance to log elephant encounters immediately into a centralized database.

Modern back-end analytics and the ability to export forms into CSV and PDF format allow for quick and useful analysis of the data captured by people participating in various projects in Thailand

Exciting incentives are aimed at people who have multiple interactive experiences with elephants outside of their protected environments and help researchers understand what is causing elephants to leave their protected areas as well as establish effective means of interventions used.

HECTOR works globally, both online and offline. It allows users to easily report an incident in real time and assess the perceived danger to human life, infrastructure and crops. Live GPS capturing will map problem areas.

The back-end provides instant statistics, which are essential to planning strategies to reduce the damage to people, property, and elephants.

Get your own version of HECTOR!

In collaboration with our IT partner Electric Bench, we developed and tested HECTOR to monitor human-elephant conflicts in Thailand. We are happy to share this useful tool with our colleagues working in other HEC areas around the world. Therefore, we welcome conservation organizations, scientists and park managers to contact us to set up their own projects and forms in the HECTOR admin panel. We only ask for a small donation to allow us to continue the support and maintenance of the app. After we received the donation, you will be project administrator and able to create forms and questions and download the data.

Download Hector for your device by searching “HECTOR app” in either Google Play or iTunes. You can download the Hector user guide 1.1┬áhere.

A big thanks to Electric Bench and the INNO fund of WWF to help us realize the development of HECTOR.