BTEH Challenge: Vera Praet

Target amount Vera Praet: € 1250,00 Raised:

Will you help me raise money amount to volunteer at the new field station in South Africa? Any amount is appreciated!

I will be part of the pioneer volunteer group in 2020 that will set up the field station and its projects. This will create many options for people and animals. Not only will it facilitate important research close to elephant habitat, it will also allow more communities, students, and volunteers to get involved and experience wild elephants close by. For me, getting up and close to these magnificent animals was a life changing experience which inspired me to dedicate more time to elephants and conservation. I hope more people will feel the same!

Bring the Elephant Home (BTEH) is an amazing organisation that really cares for elephants and people. All money goes directly into the research and conservation projects. I feel privileged to be part of BTEH as a volunteer in both the Netherlands and in South Africa.

Here an impression of what the new field station could offer, photos from my stay at Bring the Elephant Home and partner organisation Elephants Alive in 2018.

Thank you for your support!

Please support: Initiation of a field station in South-Africa

A field station provides a strong foundation within the community and offers unique opportunities and experiences for trainees and volunteers. In addition, they contribute to the capacity of our organization. The field station will also offer knowledge exchange programs for people living in human-elephant conflict areas. This will provide more insight into the needs of the people living with elephants, and experiences from diverse areas are shared.

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