A determining experience

“Hi! My name is Emile, I am a 23-years-old French expat studying animal behavior in Utrecht, Netherlands. I was given the opportunity to conduct an internship with Bring The Elephant Home in January 2021 to make a community workbook to be used in Thailand. After these six months, I can assert that rarely have I been welcomed so warmly, as well as encouraged to develop and discuss my ideas in such a positive working environment.

The combination of communication, conservation, and science is at the ideological crossroad that I find the most compelling and where I feel myself to be most suited. Not only have I acquired vital knowledge and practices in Science Communication, but I also had the opportunity to exercise these skills in making a product that will be used for helping to solve real-world issues linked to conservation practices. I had the feeling of developing something useful, practical, and applicable that connects people, knowledge, and nature. I think it is a formidable thing to find purpose in one’s work, it is enriching, professionally fulfilling, empowering, and motivating. Having had the opportunity to thrive in this setting for a few months was a determining experience that confirmed my will to continue working in such an environment and for similar projects.”

Emile Bryon

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