Volunteer in Asia

If you are interested in visiting the elephants and / or volunteering at an elephant sanctuary in Asia, we recommend the Elephant Nature Park: saveelephant.org

If you would like to join Bring the Elephant Home in Thailand: we only work with volunteers during events (like tree planting, research, forest restoration work) that we promote on Facebook.

Other options in Thailand are:

  • Boon Lott Elephant Sanctuary
  • BEES Elephant Sanctuary
  • Wildlife Friends of Thailand
  • Elephants World

In Cambodia:

  • Elephant Sanctuary Cambodia
  • The Elephant Valley Project

Check our interactive map for the locations of these projects.

If you would like to join Bring the Elephant Home as a campaigner from your country during festivals.
Contact Marian en Rob Notebaard: info@bring-the-elephant-home.org

There are different ways to support our cause from a distance. From writing to companies, contacting media, to translation work or fundraising initiatives.
Contact David Owen: david@bteh.org