Mission and Policy

Our mission is to create a world where people and elephants can live in harmony together
Our vision is to work on long-term goals

Basically, we want to prevent the extinction of the Asian elephant by:

1. Protection of wild elephants, and improving their habitat

We are working to improve the forests for wild elephants, therefor creating and sustaining a more suitable habitat. First of all, to prevent the extinction of elephants. Also, the protection of elephant habitat contributes to broader environmental goals, such as preservation of biodiversity. Asian elephants have to deal with a great lack of habitat and food. Therefore, we aim at preservation, expansion, and improvement of their habitat: reforestation, protection the forests, and mitigating human-elephant conflicts. We do everything we can to prevent extinction of wild elephants.

2. Ethical treatment of elephants in captivity

Generating income with captured elephants is necessary for their survival. BTEH believes that this can be done in an ethical, natural, and sustainable way. Therefore, we promote and support projects that work with elephants without hampering or going against the animal’s natural behaviour. We understand that making money with elephants is necessary for to take care of elephants in captivity. Therefore, we argue for and support animal-friendly, natural, and sustainable elephant projects.

3. Mitigating human-elephant conflicts

Bring the Elephant Home is aiming for a better chance of survival for Asian elephants. We achieve this by restoring natural habitat and by finding sustainable solutions to mitigate human-elephant conflicts. We are always cooperating closely with local organizations and communities. Local communities will be actively involved in conservation work and inspired to create a peaceful environment for elephants and people alike.

4. Education

Our educational programs are essential in securing the future of elephants and their habitat. Our projects are often published on (social) media, we organize public meetings, also on schools we present programmes. Every year we inspire thousands of volunteers during events and charity.

Our methods

Take action, be positive and practical! Needless to say: Bring the Elephant Home is against all forms of violence. We are a non-governmental organization, politically neutral in every way. Of course, everyone who works for BTEH has the right to a political opinion as an individual, but not on behalf of BTEH. Decisions are made with respect for the interests of all stakeholders.

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