Please support my Ice Challenge

I have taken on the Ice Challenge! My goal is to join the Wim Hof And Bring the Elephant Home Ice Challenge fundraiser, in Thailand from December 18-20, 2019. Our aim is to raise funds to ensure peaceful coexistence between wild elephants and people. All proceeds of the Ice Challenge will be used by Bring the Elephant Home to reach concrete goals that will help both Asian and African Elephants!

Why am I taking on the Ice Challenge?
I’m taking on the Ice Challenge because it’s an opportunity to both grow personally and to contribute to a worthy cause. If you do a search online for “elephant facts” you will discover a number of facts about African and Asian elephants but it’s the unwarranted violence and apparent disregard for their peace and wellbeing that has brought me here. African and Asian elephant population numbers are decreasing daily at a rapid rate!

That’s why I wanted to increase awareness about the fact that these beautiful and giant creatures will have only a little time left to enjoy on Earth if serious changes are not made to preserve their lives soon. I didn’t want to miss the chance to connect with Wim Hof and others about the need to save the elephants from extinction. Those were the main reasons for me to begin this journey.

If you see any value in my effort to help make the lives of elephants safer and longer then please join me in supporting this cause by making a charitable donation in any amount. All the proceeds of every donation made on this page goes directly to Bring The Elephant Home.

My goal
My goal is to get many people involved supporting this cause. Therefore, instead of accepting the challenge of raising $ 1,199 (1.099 Euro) as a goal, my aim is to raise $ 11,990 (10.990 Euro) as a goal so that we are able to multiply the original goal by 10 times. I believe that’s a goal worthy of attaining and that it will be time, energy, and money well invested. What’s the plan? To spread the word about this page… the best way you know how… to the people you know!

If everyone donates $2 we need 5,550 people to contribute to reach our goal.
If everyone donates $3 we need 3,700 people to contribute to reach our goal.
If everyone donates $4 we need 2,775 people to contribute to reach our goal.
If everyone donates $5 we need 2,220 people to contribute to reach our goal.
If everyone donates $10 we need 1,110 people to contribute to reach our goal.
If everyone donates $20 we need 555 people to contribute to reach our goal.

Just remember, please donate what feels right to you. The main focus is that we reach our goal. Let’s reach our goal by no later than December 1, 2019!

It’s been said that an elephant never forgets and I know that with your help this will be an experience I will never forget and I’m delighted to know that the elephants will be better in the future because of our efforts too.
Thank you! Richard Turner

My personal target: $ 11,990 = € 10990. Raised so far:

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