Please support my Ice Challenge!

I have taken on the Ice Challenge! My goal is to join the Wim Hof And Bring the Elephant Home Ice Challenge fundraiser, in Thailand from December 18-20, 2019. Our aim is to raise funds to ensure peaceful coexistence between wild elephants and people. All proceeds of the Ice Challenge will be used by Bring the Elephant Home to reach concrete goals that will help both Asian and African Elephants!

Why am I taking on the Ice Challenge?
I am joining because it is in alignment with my inner truth and I want to put action to my words.  I have never met a more motivated and loving person than Wim Hof. Any effort he is a part of speaks volumes to me as it should everyone reading this. We have on our hands an opportunity to do good. Look in your heart and match the dollar amount to what you feel. I thank you in advance for opening your heart.

My personal target: € 1.099 Raised so far:

To save the elephants is a noble cause to join! Please support my Ice Challenge with a donation through the webform below. Thank you so much! Please support my Ice Challenge! All donations, small or big, are very welcome! As always ❤️ dylan

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