Adopt an elephant

To support the elephants in the Park, we have started a very direct support program: Adopt an elephant at the Elephant Nature Park. You are given the opportunity of becoming an adoptive parent for one of the elephants, and by this share in taking care of this elephant. With this you support the Park and ofcourse help your adoptive child.

The Elephant Nature Park is a non-profit sanctuary for rescued elephants. Ranging in age from infants to old-timers, these previously abused and neglected creatures are able to live out the rest of their lives in peace and dignity on the park’s grounds. Owner Sangduen Chailert (Lek) has been raised up among elephants. She saw in the animalparks the most traumatic circumstances in which the elephants had to survive. Her strong motive to start a natural park by herself: the ENP!

Elephant Nature Park allows its rescued elephants to live the life of an elephant. No longer do they have to paint pictures with their trunks, play the drums, or perform demeaning circus tricks. They are not made to carry heavy benches on their backs, which can deform and even break an elephant’s spine. They are no longer forced into submission with cruel implements such as “the hook”, and they are not chained during the day.

At Elephant Nature Park, elephants are allowed to roam unfettered, eating and playing as much as they like along the way. They can wander down to the river for a bit of a splash or a roll in the mud whenever they need to cool down. They are free to choose their own family group, usually centering around one of the several baby elephants who live at the park. And they can have as much or as little human interaction as they choose.

There are far more traumatized elephants which deserve a place at the park to spend the rest of their life in relative freedom. But taking care of these elephants does cost a lot of money. Money which now is mainly brought in by parkvisitors. But with the expansion of the park more structural financial means are urgently needed. Cause more elephants doesn’t necessarily mean more visitors and thus more income. You can also help us this way:

Do like to be an adoptive parent?

You can help to bring in the needed extra money.
The adoption package costs minimum 60 euro.
You can pay through the safe online link online donation.
Please send also an email with your preference to Rob and Marian Notebaard:
As the adoptive parent you will be kept up to date with the development of your “baby”.
You will receive:

  • a series of photo’s made when your adoptive elephant was bought free
  • annually a beautiful colorpicture
  • an adoptive parent-certificate registered in your name
  • 1x annually a report of his/her experiences

Thank you so much!